Empire Mini GS - Light Blue/Gold

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The Empire Mini GS is the most recent edition of one of the most successful paintball guns ever produced - the Invert Mini. Taking all of the great features forward and using years of learning and development, Empire Paintball is proud to distribute the  Mini GS!

Considered one of the best entry level paintball markers that money can buy, the mini GS has many great features. It's the perfect inexpensive paintball marker, in that it is an electronic paintball gun that shoots fast, but feels great in the hands and is consistent. The battle prove mini engine is extremely simplistic and only has a few dynamic o-rings that could ever need replaced as well as maintenance on a regular basis.  Smooth removal of the spool valve Mini bolt system can be accomplished by simply removing one Allen screw at the rear of the marker.  

Electronics of the Empire Mini GS feature a LED board that allows for both recreational play and tournament paintball capability with multiple firing modes, like NXL, fully automatic and capped-semi auto, among others.  The LED board can also be used to adjust solenoid settings such as the dwell of the marker.  A common upgrade that can be found for the Mini GS is the redline OLED board which gives enhanced performance as the user can see different settings on the OLED screen instead of having to count flashes from the LED board.  Finally, you'll rarely break paint with the integrated break-beam anti-chop eyes!

Many high-end premium paintball markers feature an on-off ASA (air source adapters), meaning the player can have their compressed air tank screwed into their Empire Mini GS for ease of travel without having air actually running through the marker, rendering it safe! When the day of play is over, players can use the lever to turn off the ASA and the paintball gun will release its pressure via the venting ASA regulator.

Ergonomics are important for paintball guns, and the Empire Mini GS brings its compact feel to the future by adding a rubber wrap-around foregrip with detailed spacings for fingers for secure grip and protection . Additionally, the marker uses through-grip air transfer which allows for no external hoses getting in the way during play! The marker's small size makes it an excellent choice for younger players really looking to step up their game at an early age.

Durability is never a question with the Empire mini. The marker boasts a full aluminum construction that will last years without compromising performance.

Accuracy is the name of the game in paintball, and the ported micro-honed two-piece aluminum barrel on the Empire Mini GS gives you the best possible chance of hitting every shot!

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