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The CS3 Mech Frame Kit is the ultimate mechanical accessory for the CS3, and the most complete Mech Frame upgrade we’ve ever produced. It boasts features never found in the mech world before and has been built to dominate at all levels of mechanical paintball.

The kit contains all the components required for a true 2-screw swap from full electric, to full mechanical, without having to move any operational components. Frame, HPR Regulator, POPS, grips… everything is included in one package. And once the swap has been made the high quality semi-rigid case will keep your unused frame safe, until you swap back.


The frame itself features a new FL Pro 3-way with a shorter stroke and lighter actuation forces which pair seamlessly with its unique multi ball-raced lever mechanism to deliver the most refined and smoothest mechanical trigger pull we’ve ever experienced. The adjustable magnetic and spring return, adjustable lever position and trigger stops are now further enhanced by the trigger’s fully adjustable rake angle, giving the player almost limitless fine-tuning options for the perfect trigger feel.


And for the ultimate mech experience, the frame enables you to transpose the complete MME electronics package from your CS3 into your mech frame. This empowers the user to enjoy a full suite of features never before seen in a mech marker. Once installed with a simple Firmware update (via E-Portal or using your local Eclipse Service Centre) the new Mech Mode will provide on-screen shot counter, rate of fire indicators and visual / audible game-timers which are essential for the competitive classic paintball player.

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