DLX Luxe TM40 - Chocolate Chip Camo



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(Cookie Dough Camo)

The core of the Luxe® TM40 represents the next evolutionary step in the divorced spool design concept. By refining flow paths, increasing overall volume, and leveraging advanced machining techniques the Luxe® TM40 bolt system is in a class of its own.

The Pro-Lock frame allows the player to remove and replace their grip-frame without tools, utilizing an uncompromising locking system that is more durable than conventional hardware.

The Luxe® Pro-Lock frame sets the industry standard for ease of use and durability in tool-free marker maintenance.

The Pro-Lock frame utilizes a front and rear latch mechanism to allow players to remove their frame in just a few seconds, without the need for tools.

By using both horizontal and vertical latch engagement, the Pro-Lock frame has greater resistance to twisting and flexing when compared to frames secured by conventional hardware.

Each mechanism has a built in fail-safe vent to prevent removal while gassed up, making maintenance a simple, safe, and approachable experience.

A tool-less solenoid manifold, combine with the Pro-Frame system allow the player to switch to mechanical configuration in just 30 seconds, without the need for tools.*

*Conversion kit sold separately

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Category: DLX, New Markers

Type: Paintball Guns