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Interchangeable Bore Inserts: The DYE UL-I Barrel Insert System offers a set of 9 bore inserts with various diameters ranging from .676 to .692. These inserts can be easily swapped within the UL-I barrel system, allowing players to quickly adapt to different paintball sizes and achieve the best possible barrel-to-paintball match. Compatible with barrels that accept the PWR insert system.


Precision-Machined Construction: Each bore insert and barrel component is meticulously machined from high-quality materials to ensure exceptional durability and consistency. The precise tolerances guarantee a tight fit between the insert and the barrel, minimizing air leakage, and maximizing shot consistency.


Enhanced Accuracy: By using the appropriate bore size for the paintballs being used, the DYE UL-I Insert Barrel System significantly improves accuracy. A proper match between the paintball and barrel diameter reduces air turbulence and ensures a straighter trajectory, resulting in more precise shots and increased hit rates.


Air Efficiency: With the ability to fine-tune the bore size, players can achieve optimal air efficiency. The right barrel-to-paintball match minimizes wasted air and ensures consistent velocity, allowing for increased shots per air tank fill.


Quick and Toolless Insert Changes: Switching between different bore inserts is quick and hassle-free, thanks to the toolless design of the DYE UL-I Barrel Insert System. Simply unscrew the barrel from the marker, remove the current insert, and insert the desired one. The secure locking mechanism ensures a snug fit.


Compatibility: The DYE UL-I Barrel Insert System is compatible with a wide range of popular “autococker” threaded paintball markers on the market. It comes in different lengths and threading options to accommodate various personal preferences.

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