HK Army EVO Pro Speed feed - R2



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The EVO Pro Speed Feed has been engineered to deliver what many have tried but have continuously failed...the ability to have both fast fills and no spills.

Utilizing precise measurements and advanced aluminum materials the EVO Pro is the best speed feed to ever be used in paintball. Paintballs will easily pour into the loader pod after pod while being resistant enough to keep the paintballs within the loader. Beyond the design of the feed system, the EVO Pro is built using durable aluminum materials, and comes equipped with five spring loaded fingers and secure locking latch.


- Fits Dye R2

- Constructed of durable aluminum materials

- Five spring-loaded fins allow paintballs to be loading the loader but are strong enough to not allow the paintballs to fall out

- Secure spring-loaded locking latch that prevents the lid from popping open

- Toolless locking clip allows the speed feed to be installed with just one click


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