Infamous Diamond Skull GTEK 180R - Teal/Purple

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This is a Mazens part-swap or pre-order color! Upon placing your order, you agree to the Pre-Order terms outlined in our FAQ section and understand that this color will be built and shipped as soon as Mazens has the markers required to make it.


The LE custom milled body of the Infamous diamond skull is truly a work of art and a collectors dream.  Chiseled 3D facets precisely milled into the body and back cap make this signature marker not only a beautiful masterpiece but a technological innovation with the OP-R Drivetrain.

The Planet Eclipse 180R is the latest generation of higher-end markers and boasts several improvements over the 170R. Designed to fill the gap between the 170R and the CS3, the 180R is a medium-high tier paintball marker with a matching price point. Notable improvements include a high-efficiency bolt, improved ergonomics, and better firing capabilities.

Infamous 180R FEATURES:

+  Custom Milled Body - Infamous LE Signature Diamond Skull 
+  OP-R Core Drivetrain
+  Double Decoupled Spool Valve Operation
+  Quick-Release Bolt Mechanism
+  Quick Strip Grips
+  Toolless Foregrip
+  Hoseless air Transfer System
+  120PSI Operating Pressure
+  Cure FT Bolt
+  Microswitch Trigger Operation
+  Blade Trigger Shoe (Removable)
+  4-Point Trigger Adjustability
+  Twin Micro Ball-Raced Trigger Pivot
+  Light Pipe Break Beam Breech Sensor System
+  Toolless Breech Sensor and Detent Access
+  6061-T6 Aluminum Construction
+  3D Machined Body Components
+  SL6 Inline Regulator
+  S63 14.5" Three-Piece Barrel w/0.689” PWR Insert
+  Compatible with all (Optional) PWR Inserts
+  Next Gen MME Electronics Package
+  OLED Graphical User Interface
+  Self-Locating Low-Rise Feedneck
+  Toolless Battery Access
+  Protective Carry Case
+  Additional 180R Mech Frame Kit Available (Sold Separately)

For players with aspirations of greatness. Of one day stepping onto the field of Champions. Performing on the biggest stage in competitive paintball.

Choosing the right paintball gear is vital.

Without doubt, the most important piece of kit is the marker. And to truly succeed on the path to greatness, choosing a marker that ticks every box possible, is essential. The Gtek R Line gives players this. A level of firepower, reliability and support that is unmatched at this price.

The 160R changed the game. The 170R dominated the game.

And the 180R is about to turn the game on its head.

Performance. Stability. Ergonomics. Precision.

Gtek 180R.

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