Planet Eclipse Geo R5 - Grey/Teal (PRE-ORDER)

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Planet Eclipse Geo 5

This is a Mazens part-swap or pre-order color! Upon placing your order, you agree to the Pre-Order terms outlined in our FAQ section and understand that this color will be built and shipped as soon as Mazens has the markers required to make it.


The IV core drivetrain had become synonymous with the Geo line. Originally developed for the iconic GSL, its launch was a defining moment for spool valve marker technology. It was the first spool valve marker to incorporate Breech Sensing technology into the drivetrain, finally pushing spool valve efficiency into the realms of poppet valve markers.

How does this Breech Sensing technology work? Simply put, it uses the pulse of air behind the ball to help close off the main valve at a predetermined valve chamber pressure. By closing off the main valve before the valve chamber is allowed to fully empty, it traps tail-end air that is at a pressure that would have no effect on the velocity of the paintball. This trapped air in the valve chamber would otherwise have been released, and wasted, down the barrel. By trapping this otherwise wasted air, it requires less air to top the firing chamber back up ready for the next shot. The result? A huge increase in efficiency, with zero downsides. It was a truly groundbreaking piece of technology in paintball marker development. But, as always, we continually push forwards to make improvements wherever possible, the result of which brings us an all new drivetrain to power the next generation of Geo fans.


Eclipse GR Drivetrain

Ergonomic Ground-Up Redesign

High Flow FT Soft Tip Bolt

Concealed Eye Covers

MME Electronics Stack

High Definition OLED User Interface

S63 Pro 3-Piece Barrel System

Low Operating Pressure 95-105psi


Geo V

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