Planet Eclipse Project "G2" LV2 - Pure

Mazens Paintball


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Limited Run of 300. 200 G2s were made in 2023. 100 Additional G2s might be made in 2024.


+ NEW Hoseless design

+ NEW HPR and LPR assembly

+ NEW OLED display module

+ NEW LED status indicator

+ NEW Wraparound grips with sealed pushbuttons

+ NEW Fully contoured foregrip

+ NEW MME (Modular Marker Electronics) electronics package

+ NEW Shaft S63 modular barrel system (2 PWR inserts included .689 & .685)

+ NEW BLE (Bluetooth® Low Energy) compatibility (optional)

+ NEW Toolless eye covers

+ NEW Cure FT bolt

+ NEW Larger valve chamber and lower operating pressure

+ NEW Semi-rigid carry case

+ NEW Low-rise adjustable clamping feed-neck with lever-locator

+ NEW Spare onboard detents

+ NEW 2 year manufacturer Warranty

+ User-serviceable SMC solenoid

+ Dual SFR (flow controls) bolt speed control adjustment

+ SFR adjustment tool

+ USB E-Portal compatibility 

+ Stacked tube poppet

+ Lever Valve operation

+ Zick3 Rammer assembly - Heavy and lightweight rammers included

+ 115psi operating pressure

+ 9V battery powered

+ Blade trigger (compatible with 170R/CS1/GEO4 trigger shoes)

+ 5-point trigger adjustability

+ Spring and magnetic trigger return mechanisms

+ Micro-switch trigger sensor


+ Deftek offset feed system


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